Forum 2021

Conference Speakers

Plenary & Keynote Speakers

Learn and Interact with the best 

Alan H.B. Wu

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, USA

Johannes Bircher

University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr. George Grant

founder & CEO of the Academy Of Wellness, Canada

William E. Feeman

Bowling Green Study, USA

Prof. Abdullah Abdulrhman Alabdulgader

Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre Hospital Al Ahsa Hofuf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Prof. Anand Chockalingam

University of Missouri, USA

Oral Speakers

Join with Oral Sessions

Prof. Salwa Ahmed Elgebaly

Nour Heart, Inc., USA

Dr. Anna Marshall

Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health, UK

Dr. Ma. Amparo Pineda Tovar

Insituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Mexico

Dr. Emilian Rejane Marcon

Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil

Prof. Paul Barach

Jefferson College of Population Health, USA and Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria.

Miguel Maluf

São Paulo Federal University, Brazil

Prof. Howard Walter Mielke

Tulane University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Lindon H Young

Young Therapeutics, USA

Vladimir Ivanovich Ermoshkin

Russian New University, Russia

Evgeniy Eremenko

The Institute of Internal and Preventive Medicine, Russia

Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane

Madhavbaug cardiac Care Clinics and Hospitals, India